Established in late 2019 by visionary entrepreneur Kathy Schenfelt, SCH is an entertainment umbrella company home to an array of creative endeavors.


Founded in 2010 in Argentina, The W List originally consisted of three divisions: Talent, Brand and Non-Profit. While each division aimed to serve the diversified needs of each respective client sector, they shared one goal: provide a one-stop shop that combine the strengths of traditional marketing with the powerful and endless potential of social media to increase brand awareness and reach untapped audiences. 

During its run, The W List serviced 120+ brands across 300+ digital campaigns worldwide, including Spotify, Disney Channel, Disney Parks, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Violetta, Telefe, Coca Cola, Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and more.

In 2019, The W-List was absorbed by SCH Entertainment and is in the process of being rebranded as an LA-based digital communications agency.


Missmanaged is a full service music and talent management firm representing select artists, actors, and top digital content creators worldwide.

Missmanaged by SCH Entertainment launched in 2019 after +10 years of navigating the digital landscape as a talent-first group. Long story short, the team decided to set up shop behind the scenes and utilize their experience and resources to help artists and creators do what artists and creators do, without having to worry about the not-so-fun bits.

MISSMANAGED scouts, develops, protects, connects, strategizes and monetizes – all while providing unparalleled support and direction so that each client meets and exceeds their potential.

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A simultaneously exclusive and inclusive community of creatives, business leaders, and change-makers aiming to connect and champion women across the entertainment, fashion, tech, and beauty industries.

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