Kathy Schenfelt ‘s aspirations and dreams were always bigger than the small Argentinian town she grew up in. Born and raised at the southern tip of the country, Schenfelt knew that a career in entertainment may be a long shot – but that didn’t stop her.

While most 13-year-old girls were navigating the throes of middle school, Schenfelt was starting the institution’s first online magazine and scouting writers. Just a year later, she immersed herself in the wonderful and complex world of coding, taking over the school’s website and teaching herself graphic design. By 16, her love for pop-culture and social media had blossomed and she launched her next venture – a fan project on “The Twilight Saga” that quickly became more than that; the project accumulated over one million followers, two websites, nine staff members, and most notably, the attention of Summit Entertainment. Schenfelt was invited to freelance on the last two films’ digital marketing campaigns, gaining invaluable knowledge.

Kathy Schenfelt, SCH Entertainment

For the next five years, Schenfelt would fine-tune her expertise in all-things-digital, serving as a social media manager and web consultant for industry friends and talent. On top of Summit, Schenfelt freelanced for Hypable Media and Disney Channel Latin America, and worked with a variety of talent on their digital marketing strategy – all while completing certificates in Fashion Management (Espacio Buenos Aires, 2014) and Business Management (Harvard Online, 2015). 

To no surprise of those that knew her, in 2016 Schenfelt launched her very own social media and digital marketing agency The W List (based in Argentina). Shortly after, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue higher education in Music Business at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Throughout her time at UCLA, Schenfelt grew The W List to become W Digital and W Artists – respectively, serving studios, brands, high-profile talent and non-profits across all digital platforms worldwide, and representing top-tier content creators worldwide.

At 25, Schenfelt is far from satisfied; she launched SCH Entertainment in September 2019. A culmination of the hard work, dedication and vast knowledge gathered over the years, SCH Entertainment is Schenfelt’s brainchild. In addition to acquiring The W List , the LA-based entertainment firm is home to an array of creative business endeavors including MISSMANAGED and Girlhood.

To connect with Kathy Schenfelt, you may find her at her local Beverly Hills Farmers Market or enjoying a round of Scrabble at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Keep in mind the way to her smart lies within those with creative souls, passionate about female empowerment, and partial to her labradoodle, Harper.